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Delivery Methods

Anyone who embarks on a construction project must first decide on a project delivery method — comprised of planning, design and construction. Decades of experience have made Max Gray Construction well versed in contracting options and project delivery methods. With innovation and flexibility, we offer an array of options for customizing an overall construction package best suited to meet your project, budget and scheduling needs.

The delivery methods most commonly used today are a variation of the following four methods:

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)
This is a traditional project delivery method that has two separate contracts, owner to design firm and owner to contractor. This approach utilizes three sequential project phases: 

With DBB, the contractor is not engaged during the design, which limits input and constructability of the design. However, this delivery method can be tailored in various ways, and even negotiated, to meet your project needs.

Construction Management at Risk (CM@R)
With the CM@R approach, the owner selects the construction manager based upon experience and past performance on similar types of projects. Initially, the owner enters into an agreement with the CM@R for only pre-construction services. The CM@R then acts as the owner’s consultant and assists with budget development, scheduling, phasing, constructability review/recommendations, value engineering, bid package development and developing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposal. If the GMP is acceptable and it meets the project budget requirements, the owner will enter into a GMP amendment for the construction phase of the project. Typically, the CM@R will charge a negotiated fee for construction services that is added to the cost of work, determining the final contract amount.

Construction Manager as Agent (CMA)
The pre-construction phase of the contract in the CMA approach is the same as with the CM@R approach. However, the CMA does not develop a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and does not contract with the owner for any direct construction activities. The CMA is hired as a consultant to the owner and provides contract administration as well as oversight of construction activities. Multiple bid package contractors are hired directly by the owner to perform all direct construction activities.

Design-Build (DB)
Under the DB delivery method, the owner enters into a single agreement with the DB contractor to provide both the design and the construction. The owner will outline the project criteria and identify the project requirements. The owner can also either negotiate a design build contract amount with a pre-selected contractor or get proposals from multiple contractors.

Again, whichever delivery method you choose, Max Gray Construction will work with you to provide the best service to meet your project, budget and scheduling needs.